So it’s 2017



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Scientifically speaking, new years are nothing but moments when the Earth completes its orbit around the Sun. But I like how we find bright hope and new beginnings in this scientific fact. I love how, to many, it is more than just a phenomenon in science occurring outside our little planet, a new calendar to adjust to or having to scratch out 6 on our papers and change it to 7. I love how, to many, it means a fresh start and a burst of hope for the things we didn’t have the love and kindness to wish for ourselves a few days back.

So here’s to a year-long of chasing things larger than life and than ourselves; to all the unaccomplished resolutions from yesteryears and to the new ones we’ll make; to loving ourselves a little more; being a tad kinder than before; to a new set of blessings wrapped as challenges; to 365 sunsets and dawns and second chances.


Greetings! It’s been a while since I’ve posted here.  So much has been going on but I refuse to make that an excuse. I have to step up my multitasking and time management skills, I guess. I hope to publish more writing this year. If I ever have one big resolution, that is to eradicate my lazy bones and procrastination. A happy new year to all!


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