Author’s “Hello”


Hello here, there and everywhere!

   My mother wants you to call me Christiana Claudia. The square who can’t fit into your circle. Maybe because:

  • I enthusiastically flirt with the fine line between sanity and insanity.
  • I’m fiercely unorthodox and anti-cliche.
  • I have reason, or to be more precise, REASONS to believe that I’m luck-repellent or something tragically similar.
  • I love the smell of a matchstick being lit.
  • I talk to myself, yet I don’t think I’m crazy. But if proven that I actually  am, then I’d be the sanest lunatic to ever exist (if not the first and only).
  • I sometimes talk about myself in third-person’s point of view either because I love talking about something nice or I’m not in the mood to be me at that moment.
  • I pair my name with various surnames which you will later find out belongs to them and many, as in many more to mention (believe me). Got the sizzling picture? *winks*
  • For some reason I’m unfortunately unacquainted with, I handle flattery awkwardly.
  • I  hate riddles, except the ones I can immediately answer.
  • I resent handsome homosexuals and pretty lesbians. *sigh*
  • I think I’m intricately weaved by every bit of oddity and awkwardness the world has to offer and yet, somehow, I managed to convince myself that I’m a tapestry of wonders and glitters; a neat, walking disaster filled with a starry night’s glimmer and the bliss of forever.

All in all, I guess I’m just one big optical illusion who feeds on illusions and befriends hallucinations, whose reality are fictions and far-fetched imaginations beyond one’s wildest apprehension.

That is Claudia Gancayco for you. 🙂


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