Where To Place Your Gaze

                 “Who am I to judge another,when I walk imperfectly?”, a line in our church hymn asks. Exactly,touché to the jury!
Imagine if we spent our time polishing our character,ironing out our flaws and perfecting ourselves in Christ, instead of criticizing,chastising one another and poring over other people’s business. How great and wise would our time be spent,don’t you think?
As two relevant quotes say, “A flower doesn’t think of competing to the flower next to it. It just blooms.” and  “Blowing out another’s candle won’t make yours shine any brighter.”
Ask yourself, “When I call that girl ugly,would I get any prettier? Would insulting that girl’s outfit enrich me with elegance?” Now since you asked yourself,answer yourself as well; authoritatively say, “No,duh!”
               God wouldn’t have created you the way He did were He not absolutely sure that you precisely fit His kind of perfect; He wouldn’t have given you that cute,pumpkin-shaped nose nor that height that you’re incessantly insecure about had He not thought it made you beautiful; He wouldn’t have placed you where you are without making sure that you had what you need to flourish. So focus on your assets and potentials. Appreciate and love the person who stares back at you in the mirror with glimmering eyes. It’s not being narcissistic,vain nor self-centered,no (as long as you don’t overdo it!). It’s caring more about what to fix and/or improve in your perfectly imperfect,flawed self rather than formulating the next scathing remark you want to throw about someone’s outfit or phrasing the incredibly juicy gossip those ears of yours gathered from the mall yesterday.

Scrutinizing other people just goes to show that you find more of them worth gazing at than you find in yourself worth contemplating. Seriously, why would you bother checking out a rotten sandwich holed by worms when there’s a freshly baked pizza in front of you?


Am I Blind Or Is There Really No Independence In Independence Day?

Hold ondid I just parade those streets, danced my energy dry and sung the national anthem for nothing? What did I do all those for?

Independence Day as they call it. But wait,independence from exactly what? Or even who?

It’s both sad and deceiving how people are celebrating our said freedom from international oppressors, but actually replaced by local ones. It screams DECEPTION all over and it hurts all the more knowing that the destruction and betrayal are coming from within the very walls our heroes have bled and died for.
Shall we start talking about paradox and irony now, or what?

A corrupt government. I don’t think that’s what martyrs fought for us to have. Lives were taken just to allow us the independence we were starving for. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t consider a corrupt, manipulated government with puppets, cowards and Pontius Pilates chaining their countrymen to poverty, hunger and endless woe are the definition of the independence I’m thundering about.

I can only happily celebrate Independence Day once I see that my country is genuinely free;  emancipated from all kinds of oppressors you can name.

Only then will I finally have a valid reason to celebrate Independence Day; to truly and at long last have independence on Independence Day.

Other than that, the celebration is complete faux to me.

Because She’s Pretty

Don’t you find it insulting when others say they love you because you’re pretty? Fine,it could be really flattering to have someone adore your physical assets but isn’t it sad that all they see is that and only  that? You may be majestic,hilarious,kind,gentle,thoughtful and a lot more of those good traits but NO,all they saw was that your lips are cute,your lashes are dark,your hair is so slick, your skin is so fair,et cetera.

How bothering is it that something so deep and profound as love could actually be dragged in such a shallow situation?! For all I know,love is something fervent and deep-seated. Correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t think facial features are that deep. Literally speaking.

Inevitably,time will pass and eventually the long slick hair will turn white; the smooth,fair skin wrinkles; those seductive curves turn into unwanted lumps. . .and in unwanted places.
Now,tell me how ultimately pathetic is it to make a volatile,temporary thing as the basis of a timeless,unconditional treasure which is love? It’s utterly disastrous when we misconstrue infatuation with love. That would be an omnipresent mess!

Love is seeing all the horrors and wonderlands of a person and still being able to declare that each detail,intricately,was indeed beautiful. Not because of the perfect chiseled face but because what you saw was a soul with its guard let down,a solemn monument standing tall amidst the ruins of a battle won. Nothing obscured,not one dot vague.

What you saw was the truth and it was beautiful.

But that truth can only be seen, as the saying goes,”through the eyes of love.”